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“I have gone to Dr. Handelsman for quite some time now, and each visit I am treated like it is my first. Dr. Handelsman and his staff are very welcoming, personable, and always treat me very well. I went for Invisalign as well as multiple cleanings and have always been impressed! I recommend him to all my friends!”

“I had a root canal at Dr. David Handelsman's office and was expecting a lot of pain and discomfort. Dr. Handelsman put me at ease right away with his jovial manner and his interest in my feelings. He explained the procedure with great detail, which helped me be less anxious. He shared that the procedure has been updated with the latest technology and I should feel very little discomfort. He was right! My experiences in his office are always professional and much more pleasant that I expect. His office staff is organized and professional and the free parking in downtown Annapolis couldn't be more convenient.”

“I went to Dr. Handelsman and had a root canal and a crown done. I like going to the dentist just as much as the next person (which is to say not that much :) ) and had a GREAT experience. He calmed my nerves and the procedure was painless. Definitely recommend.”

“Great office. I needed some cosmetic dentistry prior to my daughter's wedding. Dr Handelsman's office got me in promptly and addressed my concerns with great results. Thanks goes out to both the Dr and his staff.”

“A very friendly and professional practice!”

“Free patient parking, courteous staff and expert cosmetic Dentistry.”

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"Dr. Handelsman loves to share his passion for dentistry and his respect for the patient as an individual at every visit. You will be greeted, cared for and guided by a compassionate and professional staff, averaging 15 years of employment with Dr. Handelsman."

"I had a root canal and a crown. It was absolutely painless. I never felt the needle I had an excellent result and am thrilled with this office -Annapolis, MD | May 22, 2016"

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"Dr Handelsman and his staff are the best! They are very friendly and always have the patients in mind when deciding on a procedure. They are very knowledgeable and take their time with you. I recommend them to anyone looking for a new dentist!"

"My dad was a dentist so when he retired I went on a search to find a great dentist in our area. Dr. Handelsman is painless, knowledgeable, thorough, and hilarious. He has a great sense of humor. I recommend him highly!"

"Is it crazy to write a review about your dentist? Maybe. But when I get a tooth cleaning that is pain-free and educational, I feel like this needs to be known. I am usually so afraid of the dentist, but Dr. Handelsman and his staff put me at ease, and Dr. Handelsman was even telling me funny stories and jokes the whole time. I didn’t even feel the scaler-which for my sensitive gums is basically unheard of! Meanwhile, he found a problem with one of my teeth and showed it to me on the camera. It was so cool to see it up on a tv screen. He gave me his prediction for how long I could go with the tooth the way it was, and presented a couple options for treatment, as well as the costs/ benefits of each. I felt like he really took the time to talk to me about what was wrong and how to fix it. He gave his advice, but also enough information that I felt like I could make an informed decision."

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"I recently had a root canal and crown done by Dr. Handelsman. What a surprise! It was actually a great experience. I felt no pain and walked out a happier individual. Pain free and smiling!"

Check more of our Testimonials on Healthgrades.com

"He is very competent, friendly, and easy to get an appointment with. I feel that he always has my best interest in mind as a dentist. My family has been going to him for years, and we have always been happy with his work, professional advice, and opinion."

“I have been a patient of Dr. Handelsman’s for as long as I can remember. Over the years, thanks to his thorough care, my needs have been minimal. That was until recently. Unfortunately, I had a dental emergency that required immediate attention. Before I get technical, let me first commend his staff. They got me in right away, were sensitive to my scheduling needs, and answered several questions before I was even in the chair. The office staff has been consistently efficient and friendly, but this time around, they went above and beyond."

"As for my tooth, it needed a root canal and a crown. Having never had either, I was petrified. Dr. Handelsman and his staff went to great lengths to calm my fears and again answer all of my questions. The procedures themselves were painless, done in a quick and efficient manner and the end result was exactly what I would have hoped for. I am so glad to have a public forum through which I can give my long time family dentist and his staff the kudos they truly deserve."